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Anne Lehmans

Anne Lehmans (Université Montesquieu-Bordeaux 4/IUFM d’Aquitaine, France) will be contributing to EMMILE programme on Feb. 28th morning with the speech:

“New perspectives in transliteracy and the evolution of the French ‘professeur-documentaliste’ “


Transliteracy is “the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and films, to digital social networks.” (Sue Thomas). The notion has been introduced in France among scholars, particularly those who work in the field of information and library science, and among them, those who are in charge of the future school librarians, “professeurs-documentalistes”. However, in France, transliteracy is taken into an epistemic and conceptual framework more than into a pragmatic reflection on competencies, abilities and skills required to deal with information in the digital era. It means a new perspective on  information culture as a cross-cultural and critical knowledge about  information, media and computer science. This new “trans” perspective is crossing the hyphen between “professeur” (teacher) and “documentaliste” (school librarian). The French “professeur-documentaliste” is an hybridation of an educator and a technician, whose professional identity is built on academic knowledge on information and education science on one hand, documentation and librarian skills on the other. 

This contribution is a presentation and a critical reflexion on the actual curriculum and scientific content of the academic and training courses for “professeurs-documentalistes”. They have to take into account a new social, technological, academic and institutional environment within the digital era, to define new cross-contents of “information” and to evolve toward new educational and professional practices for new needs. Transliteracy perspective may include innovative practices and solutions to educational questions about information today. Examples of experiences, tools and practices are presented.

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Anne Lehmans studied Law and Political Science at Universitè Montesquieu-Bordeaux 4, Bordeaux, France. She examined cultural perceptions between Japan, France and the US for her PhD in Political Science and worked on a post-doc at the University of Charlottesville in Virginia (USA) on medias and transcultural relations. She helds and coordinates courses on information literacy and information science at the IUFM (teacher training courses)-University Montesquieu-Bordeaux 4 since 2002. She is involved into several research and library projects. Her most recent contribution :  Professeur-documentaliste : un tiers métier with Vincent Liquète.


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