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Digital citizenship and libraries

Aldo Pirola gave an interesting contribution about the different viewpoints on technologies as means that facilitates the digital citizenship. He then reflected on the role of libraries as an educational environment that enables citizens and enhance their active participation in society.


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Aldo Pirola

Aldo Pirola, Director of the Public Library System in Milan (which consists of 24 interconnected facilities, scattered on a territory with 1 million inhabitants),  will be speaking on Monday 27th morning about:

“Digital Citizenship and Libraries in Europe”


E-governance is the keyword for the future. Public administration is moving irretrievably in this direction. It is not just the introduction of new systems: it is a cultural change! This change will bring about a new vision of life, a new dimension of interpersonal relationship, a new idea of democracy  as well as the need of a new formulation of human rights: Information in some cases will be more important than actions which will only be a result of previous information. A new way is being opened; it is essential for us to understand how to deal with it properly to optimize the benefits it can give to our society in the future we are already working for. Libraries are points of access to knowledge and information. Their role becomes therefore pivotal for the achievement of these results.

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Aldo Pirola (aldo.pirola@comune.milano.it) started his career in the library of the Roman Catholic University in Milan where he used to work at the union catalogue. Classification and cataloguing were his primary activities between 1976 and 1982.The following year he was appointed Director of the Academic library of the University in Brescia, some 40 milesto the east in Milan, where subsequently he was appointed Director of the public library system at the time in which it was being reorganized through the introduction of the new electronic technologies. Eventually he was appointed in Milan in 2007. Member of the local executive committee of the Italian Librarian Association (A.I.B.) between 1994 and 1999, President of the Association of Bibliophiles in Brescia between 1993 and 2007, advisor in Bozen for the foundation of the Academic library between 1999 and 2005 as well as advisor for the new provincial library, still in Bozen, since 2006, he has played a significant role in promoting lectures, conferences and cultural meetings in libraries both on a national and on an international level. In May 2009 he was elected national representative for Italy in EBLIDA. Member of the Advisory committee 2009 for Access to Learning Award of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2008/2009. One of the most significant challenges has been the IFLA World Conference 2009 in Milan. Aldo Pirola was awarded a special prize by the Rotary Club both in Brescia and in Milan in 2010 for his role in promoting the activity of the local public libraries.

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