European Meeting on Media and Information Literacy Education in Libraries (and beyond)

incorporating “IASL Regional Meeting – Europe” and “IFLA SLRC Section Midterm Meeting”

Milan, February 27-29, 2012

(versione italiana QUI)

UNESCO states that “Information and media literacy enables people to interpret and make informed judgments as users of information and media, as well as to become skillful creators and producers of information and media messages in their own right”. The exposition to a rich variety of information resources, an active learning through the usage of a different range of information and media, the acquisition of a proper methodology of research contribute to raise competent readers and aware citizens, who are able to make informed decisions.

School instruction and libraries of different types (school, public, academic, health etc.) play a strategic role in this, but it is apparent that school teachers, school librarians/information specialists, librarians, educators, first are to be info-competent professionals themselves in order to help their pupils, patrons, communities in an effective lifelong learning process.

“EMMILE in Libraries (and beyond)” is a joint three day meeting that, through a set of joint initiatives – organized thanks to the collaboration of IFLA SLRC, IASL, AIB, AIB Lombardia, Regione Lombardia, Ufficio Scolastico per la Lombardia, Goethe-Institut Mailand, Necobelac Project – with the collaboration of EMPATIC EU Project, aims at exploring theory and practice in the Media and Information Literacy Education in different contexts. Plenary sessions, workshops, library and cultural visits, and the UNESCO MIL Curriculum for School Teachers and the EMPATIC Project on Information Literacy in Education as well, are part of the intensive programme.

It incorporates the IFLA SLRC Midterm Meeting, the IASL-IFLA Joint Steering Committee Meeting and the IASL Regional Meeting-Europe.

Official Work Language: English. The simultaneous translation service in Italian/English is kindly provided by Goethe-Institut Mailand.


Conference Chair: Dr Luisa Marquardt (Università “Roma Tre”; Director Europe for IASL; IASL-IFLA Joint Steering Committee Member; IFLA SLRC Section Member; AIB CNBS Coordinator). Contats: marquardt@uniroma3.it ; emmile.2012@gmail.com


4 responses to “About EMMILE

  1. francesca villa

    Grazie per il convegno, una ventata d’aria fresca (anche se solo per un giorno) per chi, come me docente bibliotecario, cerca di fare del proprio meglio per tenere il “piede in due scarpe”.
    Gradirei sapere se ci saranno altri incontri prossimamente nell’area della Lombardia e come è possibile parteciparvi in modo più attivo (se solo avessi saputo dei posters….).
    ancora grazie

    • Cara Francesca, grazie tante dell’apprezzamento! Per quanto riguarda ulteriori iniziative in area lombarda, segnalo il convegno delle Stelline a Milano 15 e 16 marzo p.v., al Palazzo delle Stelline in Corso Magenta. Il tema di quest’anno è “I nuovi alfabeti”. Accesso libero previa iscrizione on line. A presto allora! “EMMILE”

  2. Maria

    Thanks for those days of sharing and learning. I hope EMMILE helped everyone to the next step for Literacy Learning all Life Long in Europe and globally. It should helped me to think and rethink. Many ideas were presented and analyzed, and I’m sure many projets will benefit from this, in Italy and in other countries.

  3. Dear Luisa, dear conference partners,
    Thank you for a wonderful conference where I learned a lot, met old friends and made new ones. The atmosphere was great and the sessions very interesting.
    If you were not there, you missed a good opportunity to exchange views and ideas on MIL. I hope that many of the ideas mentioned will be implemented soon.
    Kind regards,

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