Luisa Marquardt

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 27, 2012, morning, Luisa Marquardt, EMMILE Chair, will be speaking about:

EMMILE in libraries (and beyond)

Abstract: The contribution aims at presenting EMMILE, its roots, purposes and features. A reflection focuses on “Emile” by Rousseau, published in 1762: a new (and utopic) method of education is sketched, that aims at preserving the child’s the natural goodness, in that book that is recognized to have marked the beginning of modern pedagogy. Since then, 250 years full of  revolution and innovation in many fields have passed by. What are the caracteristics of the 21st Century’s “Emile”, or, better “Em(M)ile”? Why should we care of that “M”? The need for a holistic approach in media and information literacy education is underlined. 

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Luisa Marquardt teaches Library and Information Science at the Faculty of Education, University “Roma Tre”. Qualified and specialized in both fields – library science and education -, she worked as a chartered librarian in high schools for over 20 years and as a librarians’ educator as well; she has been professionally involved in school libraries, school librarianship and information literacy since late 1970s, takes part in work and research groups; contributes to library journals; translated the IFLA-UNESCO School Library Manifesto into Italian; edited the Italian edition of the IFLA Guidelines for school libraries (1995, 1998, 2004); collaborated with the Interuniversity Supercomputing Consortium CASPUR ( and the Goethe-Institut Italien. She is Director of a small but active community library, the “Biblioteca Statuario” ( and a proud member of several associations (e.g., AIB, AIDA, IASL, IFLA, LAG Schulbibliotheken) and groups (e.g., ENSIL). She is currently the Director Europe for IASL (2009-2012), an elected member of the IFLA SLRC, a member of the IASL-IFLA Joint Steering Committee and the coordinator of the AIB National Standing Committee on School Libraries. Her postal address is Dr Luisa Marquardt – Università degli Studi “Roma Tre”, Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione, via Milazzo 11/b – 00185 Roma, Italy.E-mail:,; Webpage:

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