Patrizia Caleffi Libener

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 28, 2012, morning, Patrizia Caleffi Libener should be speaking about:

 Information literacy and library teaching: a report of best practices in South Tyrol

Abstract: In a more and more complicated and globalized society, where information grows in size, information literacy is the keyword for the fundamental citizien’s right and for the future role of libraries. The experiences gained in South Tyrol are the result of a long and formative structurated process, which has pointed up the development of information literacy skills in order to transform school libraries into centres of education and multimedia resources, into places where “someone learns how to learn”, in a context of research and action, to pursue knowledge and understanding. The best practices performed inSouth Tyrolhave changed deeply the role and the duties of school libraries. They build, together with the public libraries, an information network connecting two different typologies of services. This distinctive feature of our system increases the quantity and quality of resources available for the consumer at any time and place.  

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Patrizia Caleffi works at the Department of Italian Culture, Office of Long life learning, libraries and audiovisual resources, in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano –South Tyrol, where she has been active in the field of libraries since over 20 years assuming the responsibility for it. The actions which fall within this sphere are the financing of public libraries for activities, working, and investments, the support of public and school libraries and librarians providing advice and help to improve the development of the system, education, cooperative and professional training of librarians, the management of the office library specialized on librarianship, the projects for the promotion of books and reading. The latest innovations in the area of IT (Information technology) are the centre of her work, being engaged in plans, which realize integrated services in the land, raising the quality of them for the customers of public and school libraries (collective catalogueBIS, SMSLibrary, Self Check). Education and training of librarians are very important activities, which include the planning and development of a programme of courses and seminars covering all ranges of ability in cooperation with AIB (Associazione italiana biblioteche). As regards the teaching staff concerned with school libraries many other initiatives are designed specially to be organised with the approval of the local School Government.

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