Mihaela Banek Zorica

Mihaela Banek Zorica will be taking part in the panel on Information Literacy development and training in educational contexts: creating knowledgeable and critical 21st century citizens, scheduled in EMMILE Programme on Feb. 27th, afternoon.

Mihaela Banek Zorica, PhD, (mbanek@ffzg.hr) is an Assistant professor at Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,University of Zagreb, where she teaches subjects related to knowledge organization, e-learning, school libraries, and information literacy. She has been working on several international and national projects. Her research interests are on e-learning, repositories, knowledge organization, school libraries and information literacy on which she has published several papers, book chapters and books. In 2010 she received the IASL School Librarianship Award and the University of Zagreb e-Learning Award for a course with the best utilization of social software in e-learning.


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