Randi Lundvall

IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centers Section

IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centers Section (IFLA SLRC) concerns itself with the improvement and development of school libraries and resource centers worldwide, especially advocacy for their qualified and adequate staffing. It provides an international forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, research results and advocacy. IFLA SLRC, formed in 1977, is one of 44 sections within IFLA, the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users, established in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1927. It provides opportunities for professional development, networking with colleagues from many different countries and helping to advance the profession in the field of school librarianship through the annual conferences, its website, publications and cooperation with other organisations.

Randi Lundvall (1956) is a School Librarian and teacher of English in Lokeberg Primary School in Baerum, Norway. Situated about 20 km south of the capital Oslo, this municipality has had a strong tradition of  regarding school librarians as part of the educational staff in all schools since the 1970’s. This is not common practice in Norway. Lokeberg Primary School has about 560 students aged 6 -13 and 40 teachers. Until 2011 Randi Lundvall was Chair of the Norwegian Library Association Section for School Libraries.


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