Naoka Werr

Let’s go on in getting known EMMILE speakers. Naoka Werr, PhD, University of Regensubrg, will be contributing to EMMILE programme on Feb. 28th morning with the speech:

“Yes, we can” – five libraries working together for the target group pupils

After a brief overview of the initiatives of German academic libraries concerning information literacy with the focus on schools, the situation in Bavaria is explored. Of course, information literacy plays a vital role in every library’s training programme, but the thematic and pedagogic range of training classes varies due to formal restrictions (for example the Bologna Process, library staff is not allowed to give regular classes with credit points, due to lack of didactic knowledge) as well as to a certain – and wide-spread – feeling of a “class distinction” within libraries with specific target groups. Certain political changes (A-levels after 8 years, more autonomy for the universities and therefore a new role for the university libraries) combined with a long tradition of working groups in Bavaria were the basis for a singular cooperation in Regensburg for one target group: all four academic libraries and the public library in our city have together developed a module-based training concept for schools. As the University Library of Regensburg features most experience in the field of information literacy (it is one of the few libraries in Germany offering its own class in information literacy for students of all fields of study), it plays a significant role within the working group “Libraries of Regensburg working together for schools” (“Regensburger Bibliotheken für Schulen”), which has been especially established for this purpose. The working group and what it offers for schools is presented on a specific website ( which is – as well as the eligible training classes – constantly revised and evaluated. Furthermore, the working group is in active interchange with the “Staatsinstitut für Schulqualität und Bildungsforschung” (ISB) which is the Bavarian Ministry responsible for teacher education as well as with the “Regensburger Universitätszentrum für Lehrerbildung” (RUL) which forms part of the university infrastructure  and is supposed to play a distinctive part in the University’s teacher education.

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Naoka Werr studied Romance Philology (majoring in  French and Italian Literature) and German Philology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Munich) where she graduated in 1996. She then enrolled for a doctorate  and received her PhD in Romance Philology in 2000. After working for a German newspaper she started a Bavarian library traineeship  in March 2001. After finishing the traineeship in 2003 she started working as Subject Librarian  at the University Library of Regensburg  where she is responsible for  Romance philology, German philology, Linguistics, Information science, Media studies as well as for Information literacy and education and training. Naoka Werr coordinates the working group “Libraries of Regensburg working together for schools” and is assistant chairman of the working group “information literacy” in the Bavarian Libraries Network (BVB).




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