Serap Kurbanoglu

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 29, 2012, morning, Serap Kurbanoglu will be speaking about

“The Importance of Information Literacy as a Transversal Competency”.

Abstract: Globalization and modernization are creating a world characterized by change, complexity and interdependence which places challenging demands on individuals. Individuals today need a wide range of competencies to adapt to this ever changing, highly competitive and therefore challenging world. Defining the key competencies needed by today’s individuals can improve assessments of how well prepared they are for life’s challenges, as well as identify overarching goals for education systems and lifelong learning. Over the last couple of decades, numerous attempts were made to identify key competencies, in other words transversal competencies, needed today for a successful life and a well-functioning society. Transversal competencies defined as those of particular value for both societies and individuals; are useful in multiple areas of life and important for everyone, not just for specialists.

In this presentation, the concept of transversal competencies and transversal nature of information literacy will be explored. The importance of information literacy as a transversal competency will be emphasized. Furthermore, factors which increase the importance of information literacy will be presented.

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Serap Kurbanoglu, PhD in Information Studies (Sheffield University, UK), is professor at the Department of Information Management of Hacettepe University, publishing and lecturing on systems analysis, project management, information technology as well as information literacy and lifelong learning. She is the national coordinator and the organizer of the UNESCO “Training the Trainers in Information Literacy” workshop held in Ankarain 2008. She is the project manager and content developer of the web-based information literacy instruction package (HUBO) developed for Hacettepe University. She is a board member of EUCLID. She serves as a referee for numerous professional journals. She has managed several national projects and organized both national and international conferences. She is the co-chair of ECIL (European Conference on Information Literacy) standing and organizing committees.


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