Monika Krakowska

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 29, 2012, afternoon, will be facilitating the EMPATIC Workshop on:

“Information Literacy in School Sector”.


The aim of the workshop is  presentation not only recommendations elaborated in the course of the project EMPATIC, but also an indication in accordance with the policy of the European Union on the importance and need for education of information competence from an early age, on each level of school education. The education of key competences, information alphabetization is an important and reliable factor to create a global information society that exploited in an appropriate and wise way, information, skills and knowledge, and the harmonious of economic, cultural and social development.

Creation of national strategy of lifelong learning is also the basis for the creation of a European area of permanent education, and thus is critical to the formal, informal and non-formal education, building recommendations for policy makers, investment in programs supporting education, with particular emphasis on children and youth, promoting research and education in the field of didactics and education and training methodology, as well as the understanding of the enormous and constantly developing new information and communication technologies.

During the workshop will be presented key recommendations for the school sector in the field of competence, concerning, among others detailed, national training strategy and the formulation of standards and indicators for IL education effects; the strengthening of education for information culture among young users of the information society that are active participants of digital world; a central body creation, responsible for local and national education information; promote education and raise awareness of IL among teachers and school management; and above all enable librarians and information workers in training in the area of IL persons make up a sector-school headmasters, teachers, parents, students, local authorities and others. In the project EMPATIC, there were indicated the most important recommendations necessary to implement in the school, which consisted of:

  • decisive, relevant, a high level education of young people and education of appropriate information competences for digital generation
  • identification of roles for multi-dimensional cooperation of different IL stakeholders
  • enhancing the role of teachers in the process of information education and to enable, inclusion of the group to all initiatives aimed at the development of information culture and key competences
  • forming of transparent IL structure standards,
  • IL implementation of the policy, all the activities, actions, work to promote and implement, merge programs IL at the local level.

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 Monika Krakowska, PhD in LIS, is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Information and Library Science at the Jagiellonian University. She is the Faculty of Management and Social Communication  graduate, the specialist in the scope of the information and library science. In her research she concentrates on information literacy, new information and communication technologies, digital libraries and information behaviour. She worked on many activities and EU projects, such as COINE, EURIDICE, HERN, and lately TEACAMP, where she conducted the virtual mobility course in higher education concerning information literacy in multicultural environment.  She is a member of International Society for Knowledge Organisation, International Institute of Informatics and Systemics IIIS, World Association of Young Scientist. She is also ERASMUS coordinator in the Institute of ILS at the Jagiellonian University.


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