Rob Davies

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 29, 2012, morning, Rob Davies will be speaking about

“EMPATIC: putting the needs of learners first in Information Literacy”.

Abstract: The presentation will outline the development of the concept of Information Literacy (IL)  during the last two decades as experienced by the presenter in a range of  international projects, alongside the emergence of other ‘literacies’ in the digital era, touching upon various perceptions of the role of libraries in delivering IL. It will go on to describe the goals of the EMPATIC project  (which aims at Empowering Autonomous Learning Through Information Competencies) in focusing attention on the needs of learners in the four education sectors covered by the programmes of EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP): School, Vocational, Adult and Higher Education and will provide a first flavour of the main direction of the recommendations to be discussed and validated in the sector-specific workshops later in the day.

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Rob Davies is Chief Executive of MDR Partners and general coordinator of the EMPATIC project, funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme. A professional librarian, he first encountered Information  Literacy as a recognised discipline while working on a project in South Africa in the mid-1990s. Since then, he has worked on a wide range of projects and activities involving issues of IL, media literacy and a range of other perceived literacies in relation to topics such as Game Based Learning and, Digital Storytelling, as well as ‘mainstream’ education. He is currently leading several major European digital libraries projects and an expert consultant on projects to establish new library services in China and  Greece.


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