Carol Priestley

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 29, 2012, morning, Carol Priestley will be contributing with the

Presentation of EMPATIC Workshop Sessions and Formation of Break-out Groups“.

Abstract: As will have been described by Rob Davies in the previous presentation,the EMPATIC (Empowering Autonomous Learning through Information Competencies) project aims to provide innovative solutions to InformationLiteracy (IL) by taking a political approach, focusing on policy makers as the key actors who can bring about change.  A number of activities have been undertaken over the past eighteen months leading tothe preparation of recommendations for action a) with transversal application and b) for each learning sector.  The draft recommendations are now available and the purpose of the workshops is two-fold, to –  discuss and validate the results and recommendations for eachsector, and –  finalize the recommendations to place before policy-makers. Participants will be invited to join the breakout group of most interest to them.

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Carol Priestley (MDR Partners, London, UK)  is Manager for the project EMPATIC.  Although now based inLondon,U.K. she spent many years from the mid 1970s to the 90s working in both Africa and Asia.  Her particular interest is that all people are able to access, utilize and contribute information, ideas and knowledge necessary to support sustainable and equitable development. Carol also has a keen interest in Information Literacy and worked for many years in collaboration with the UNESCO MIL and IFAPIL programmes.


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