Bülent Yılmaz

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 29, 2012, afternoon, Bulent Yılmaz will be facilitating the EMPATIC Workshop on:

“Information Literacy in vocational Education (VET)” .

Abstract:  In the context of vocational education, information literacy:

  • is essential for productivity and efficiency at work.
  • is a main provision for personal and institutional development and lifelong learning.
  • is related to the concepts of ongoing education, lifelong learning, self-education.
  • facilitates the adaptation of changes/development at work.
  • provides the work force of high quality.
  • supports the economic growth.

The following points considering vocational education problems in general:

  • The VET sector is the least understood and most poorly defined education sector, facing also a status and image problem.
  • Institutional arrangements of vocational education are complex
  • There are some problems with quality of VET
  • It is a problem that diversity in responsibility for VET development, management and policy strategies on the national level
  • The lack of national policy in the subject of vocational education

but the major issues can be identified as:

  • the lack of awareness in information literacy on the level of society
  • the lack of awareness in information literacy by politicians and users
  • the problem of not establishing relationship betwen vocational education and information literacy
  • the lack of cooperation between the institutions connected with vocational education.

The following suggestions have beed given on the subject of Information Literacy in VET:

  1.  A national VET policy should be developed and information literacy must be a vital part of this policy.
  2. Awareness of society, decision makers, politicians and users should be created about information literacy. In this context, the Ministry of Education, associations and the Departments of Information Management at universities should cooperate with each other.
  3. Information literacy should be integrated into the official lifelong learning programs of the ministry of education.
  4. Information literacy should be integrated into the VET activities still arranged by municipalities, ministries, universities and the other institutions. In this framework, it should be connected with municipalities and ministries.
  5. In cooperation with library associations, the Departments of Information Management at universities should organize projects and curriculum about information literacy-VET realizing the education of trainers.
  6. It should be prepared educational contents/materials related to information literacy in VET.
  7. It should organized courses to provide people with competence in information literacy by cooperating with public libraries.
  8. Enterprises by Ministries for the  reflection of the attendance in education on information literacy and VET to the workers’ careers should be made.

International projects and cooperation concerning VET and information literacy should be developed.

§ * § * § * § * §

Bülent Yılmaz graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Information Management, where he received both his MS and PhD. His thesises were on reading habit and sociology of public library in Turkey. He edited Turkish Librarianship and Vice President of the Turkish Librarians’ Association between 1996-1998; Assistant Editor of Information World in 2000. He is at present member of Editorial Advisory Board of Turkish Librarianship and Information World and Professor in Hacettepe University Department of Information Management. He was the national coordinator of Turkey in PULMAN-XT Project, AccessIT Project and  EMPATIC Project which were the EU Projects in 2005-2012. He is the coordinator of the regional seminars on Turkish public libraries since 2007. Mr Yılmaz may be contacted at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Information Management, Beytepe-Ankara, Turkey (fax: + (90-312) 299 20 14; e-mail: byilmaz@hacettepe.edu.tr)


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