Albert Boekhorst

According to EMMILE Programme, on Feb. 27, 2012, Albert K. Boekhorst will be presenting a contribution about:

“Information Literacy: Global Trends”.

Abstract: Since Zurkowski originated the term ‘Information literacy’ in 1974 nearly 40 years have passed by. In these years how our environment has changed enormously, especially in the way we communicate information. In this paper I’ll present a framework that enables to evaluate the needs and possibilities for Information Literacy Education in Libraries.

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Albert K. Boekhorst (1943) is a semi-retired information scientist (formerly Universiteit van Amsterdam), as a visiting professor connected to Department of Information Science of the University of Pretoria. He helds a Ma in Sociology (UvA) and a PhD. In Information Science (UP). His research concentrates on the access to information, especially on information literacy and the role of (school) libraries. Among others he is Information Officer of the IFLA Information Literacy section, member of IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centers section, member of the board of ENSIL and member of IASL and the Dutch Library Association. He participated in several UNESCO Expert Group Meetings on Media and Information Literacy and coordinated the worldwide UNESCO TtT in Information Literacy workshops series.


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